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SMMEs must compete in the same marketplace with megaliths and monopolies – giant corporations who have the budget, infrastructure, manpower and media spend to blow the competition out of the water and secure their own success.

In times of crisis, those who are brave enough will bring in new ways of thinking, engaging, and doing business.  My Product was born of such a moment. We witnessed the collapse of countless SMMEs through the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to do something about it.

There is a bigger issue at work, beyond the pandemic: SMMEs, NGOs, NPOs and other smaller organisations must hustle so much harder to be seen and to make profit.

Big corporations have the means to rent real-world space in upmarket retail centres, backed by sophisticated and streamlined e-commerce platforms, so that they can conduct business in-store and online, anytime. But for smaller start-ups, and even seasoned micro-traders, getting started and finding space were always a huge barrier to business.

And with our COVID world poised to become far more virtual and digital, few SMMEs have the knowhow or budget to build or buy effective e-commerce solutions, let alone launch the marketing and media campaigns they need to be seen and sought after.

If they do find an entity willing to set up an online solution for them, they either have to fork out a fortune to do so – or are left to figure out the way forward for themselves. From SEO to social media, from comms cycles to consumer metrics, from inbound PR to product promotion, the online universe can be utterly overwhelming for anyone brave enough to go it alone.

So we are leveling the playing field, and making space for micro- and medium-sized companies by giving them the opportunity to rent an e-commerce store, trade 24/7 and sell from their own micro store within the marketplace, as well as from the common My Product store front.



My Product is a marketplace where SMMEs (independent vendors) sell their products and services - where we take care of the system so that the vendor can take care of their customers. SMMEs can rent an affordable store from as little as R62.50 p/m and trade online – 24/7. We take 0% on transaction so that the vendor does not have to load their price.

We offer excellent support and a flexible approval process. All our vendor plans offer vendors their own store within our marketplace where they can market and sell directly to their customers.

Our mission is growing a nationwide network of local SMMEs and connecting them to customers without the barrier of a big budget and giving them the start they need to succeed.


Ideal for those who dream big and are looking for an affordable e-commerce solution:

  • Rent an affordable store from as little as R62.50 p/m and trade online – 24/7 and we take 0% on your transaction so that vendors do not have to load their price.
  • We assist vendors with setting up their store and getting a merchant ID.
  • We assist vendors with setting up their delivery options and costs.
  • We take care of the system so that vendors can take care of their customers.
  • Yes, we are giving the service industry the opportunity to take their business to the marketplace and have their own online stores.
  • Vendors can sell directly to their customers as well as through the common storefront.


  • Affordable monthly rental fee, from R250 p/m
  • No deductions: My Product takes 0% on transactions
  • Support and assistance with setting up shop
  • Flexible product/services approval system
  • Own vendor admin panel
  • Own vendor e-store with URL, logo, info, and vendor details
  • Each vendor set their own Ts&Cs
  • Sell directly to the customer from a common storefront
  • Store specific categories
  • Vendors manage own products/services, orders, filters, features
  • Management of bulk product imports
  • Vendors receive low stock notification
  • Vendor location can be set to attract local customers
  • Create promotions and offer discounts
  • Payment directly from customer to vendor
  • Vendors handle own deliver
  • Facilitates direct customer to vendor communication from product
  • Detailed sales reports and statistics
  • Continuous improvement and updates for vendors and customers
  • Customer reviews of products and services
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • User-friendly storefront
  • Customer can search for vendors, see distance to vendor store
  • Secure and multiple payment options – visa & credit card, PayPal etc.
  • My Product takes care of the SEO
  • Set filters to enhance product/service search
  • Compare products and services
  • Marketplace consultants are assigned to each vendor to assist and support them

Interested in setting up a store?

Email support@myproduct.co.za or simply click here to start the online application process. 

Let's get you selling.

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