Celshot - and how it can work for your business

14 Apr 2021
Celshot - and how it can work for your business

In January 2020 I came upon the idea for doing marketing for ANY business very cost-effectively.

I produced my first radio ad in 1986 for Jacaranda FM. Yes, that seems a long time ago, but this also means that I have a lot of experience in the field. Since then, I have produced literally thousands of audio ads for broadcast on a variety of mediums. When contemplating how I could reinvent the ease of producing a radio ad - and make it even better… the concept developed in 24 hours.

Think of it this way ... Celshot adds pictures and text to a radio ad, and is transmittable via your cellphone.

The process, although slightly more complex than a radio ad has many benefits over radio and its target market distribution. You can easily measure how many people you have reached via messaging platforms. It’s a one-on-one exercise and if the potential client is in the market for your product you have already made a huge impact. 

Needless to say, digital media has become very sophisticated when compared to the days when I was an audio specialist at the SABC.

The elements:

  • Copy and script writing service
  • A professional voice-artist
  • Professional library music
  • A digital audio workstation
  • High resolution images
  • A video editor
  • Final mix
  • Conversion to platform formats

Thus, you will provide:

  • High resolution photos of your business (most businesses would have that)
  • A document describing your business (we’ll turn that into a voice artist ready script)

If you don’t have any high-res images we can arrange for a professional photographer.

And that’s it!

Your final product will be a beautiful 1-minute presentation of your business - with the words professionally rewritten for your products or services, voiced and mixed professionally while displaying the most important aspects of your business on the video timeline.

I call it a celshot.

Shoot your message from cellphone to cellphone..

This potent marketing tool is less than 10 megabytes when made ready for broadcast on Telegram, WhatsApp and social media - and there will also be a higher resolution mix for display on TV’s, computers and the like. If you want moving pictures for your celshot this would entail a production team and a larger budget.

Visit my store: Celshot

Or simply just call me (Pierre Schnehage) on +27-81-004-9016.

Such a fantastic idea! I pay more attention to what comes through my phone fast more than the radio. I look forward to working with you. I've seen/heard your work... highest quality and extremely professional!
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