Celshot - Market your brand or solo gig with your unique sound

25 May 2021
Celshot - Market your brand or solo gig with your unique sound

How many gigs have I been to where I thought… “I can’t believe there’s no-one here… more people should have seen this!”

Today, it is probably more difficult than ever to get people to come out of their homes. Home entertainment in the shape of online movies and shows has made it a toss-up as to whether we go out tonight or stay at home. And other factors. But what if you, as a band or performing artist, remind the audience of the look and feel of your art. The sound of your music. This would tilt the scales in your direction.

What Celshot provides you:

  • Copy and script writing service
  • A professional voice-artist
  • Professional library music
  • A digital audio workstation
  • High resolution images
  • A video editor
  • Final mix
  • Conversion to platform formats

Your input (pun intended:

  • You, or your band, needs to provide high resolution images of your gigs, preferably in different venues.
  • Added to this, send a couple of your songs, in mp3 format, which will make out part of the soundtrack. (The better these songs are recorded and mixed, the higher the impact of your message will be.)

  Obviously, if you have an album out, this wouldn’t be an obstacle.

And that’s it!

I have produced two Celshot’s as examples in my store for bands I have played in. Click here and have a look. Scroll down for the video examples.

Your final product will be a beautiful 1-minute presentation of your band or solo gig - communicating your unique sound and character to fans and those who don’t know your sound. The video can be voiced and will be mixed professionally and the end result will be a reminder for all those stay-at-home people to come out and have some fun!

I call it a celshot.

Shoot your message from cellphone to cellphone..

This potent marketing tool is less than 10 megabytes when made ready for broadcast on Telegram, WhatsApp and social media - and there will also be a higher resolution mix for display on TV’s, computers and the like. If you want moving pictures for your celshot this would entail a production team and a larger budget.

If you mention that you “saw it on your Celshot Blog” you’ll get 3 free updates to your production advertising future gigs. 

Visit my store: Celshot

Or simply just call me (Pierre Schnehage) on +27-81-004-9016.


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