The Zongororo Story

11 Aug 2021
The Zongororo Story - Zongororo Village of Ministry

Between the picturesque towns of Waterval Onder and Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga lies Zongororo, a haven of hospitality and ministry inspired by a message from above and made possible by hearts, hands and feet on earth.

Talking about feet…

The word ‘Zongororo’ means millipede in the local dialect, Shona.  Millipede, in turn, means ‘millions of legs’ which, explains owner Elsa, “teaches us to work together to protect God’s creation and to move steadily towards our goals. It also refers to the train running through the farm, affectionately known as the ‘steel Zongororo’”.

The Zongororo story started in 2009 in response to a call from God to establish a Christian guest farm and ministry. Eleven years later, Zongororo Village of Ministry is a place of restoration, connection, and exploration in and of Christ.  It is also testament to more than a decade of inspiration, perspiration, determination, guidance, and assistance from above with an offering covering the spectrum from spiritual, natural and heritage to social and commercial.


Zongororo’s accommodation options include themed homes …

  • Jan Wintervogel:   A luxury home with everything and more, from a jet bath to a double shower. 
  • The Shack: A family home sleeping up to six people, named after the inspirational novel by William P. Young.
  • Die Herberg: A wheelchair friendly family home with spectacular views with room for up to six people.
  • Konoinia*: A six room group home which can sleep up to 12 people. * Meaning: Communion with God and fellow Christians.
  • Ubuntu:  A backpacker and adventure home, complete with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. 



Zongororo borders on the Elands River which is host to the brown trout family and the small-mouth yellow fish. The farm also has two dams with some bass, tilapia, and carp. 


Over 400 species of birds are found around the Elands Valley and surrounding areas - offering a literally winged opportunity to get in touch with nature while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and exercise.


Zongororo offers three affordable hiking options designed for various fitness levels:

  • The Yellow Route is pleasant, relaxing and filled with spectacular natural sights.
  • The Brown and Blue Routes are physically more challenging and visually just as rewarding – covering the spectrum from steep inclines and rocky outcrops to spectacular fauna and flora.


From ceremonies to menus, Elsa and her team are committed to custom design each of the following events to the most exacting requirements:

  • Weddings
  • Baptisms
  • Memorial services
  • Family Fun Days



“Forget the expense of going to a restaurant,” says Elsa.  “We work with budgets to come up with menus designed to delight, whether it’s for a boardroom breakfast, luncheon spit braai or executive dinner”.


Expert assistance is the order of the day when it comes to:

  • Employee-friendly sessions on topics ranging from selling to anger management
  • Creating strategic, marketing and/or business plans
  • Motivational sessions


Zongororo’s calendar of Christian events include:

  • Monthly retreats with teachings such as Faith, Fun and Fitness, Heart of a woman, and Pentecost
  • Sabbaticals for pastors and their wives to help them recharge, rest and pray

See the light with CSI:

The team is committed to help you create events supporting your businesses, teams, and values through CSI options such as raising money for needy community members or specific causes or visiting old age homes and donating foodstuffs.


On the farm:

  • Historical Tea House
  • Old Coach Road
  • Stone Circles
  • Trading Post
  • Train Tunnel

In the surrounding area:

  • Waterfall
  • Five-Arch Bridge
  • Krugerhof       
  • War Graves    
  • Mozambique Train Disaster Site
  • Zip line
  • Horse riding
  • Rock climbing

Activities nearby:

  • Zip line
  • Horse riding
  • Rock climbing

For more information, visit our online store, or contact us directly at:


Phone: +27 (0) 83 762 4100


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