Garage Doors - Chromadec

Garage Doors - Chromadec

We have doors to fit every preference and budget. Our Chromadec (or Aluzinc) garage doors come in four different colours and two styles.

The two styles available are the raised and fielded style (or block panel style) and the horizontal slatted style.

Colours available in both styles are; White, Bronze, Brown and Charcoal.

Both styles have great appeal and can blend  in seamlessly with the design of any house.

The doors are lightweight and maintenance free (excluding annual servicing).

They remain the most popular  choice for complexes and smaller estates.

We manufacture high end quality crafted doors.  Any type of door can be customized to your specifications. We can build entrance gates to match garage doors to give your house that exclusive look and add value to your property.

Spesialised Doors and Aluminium

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The most popular choice for complexes

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We manufacture high end quality crafted doors.  Any type of door can be custo...
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  • Quality Product
  • Hassle free insatallation
  • Excellent after sales service
  • TWO year guarantee
  • Annual service
Spesialised Doors and Aluminium
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