Painting - The Elephant by Clive Ankiewicz

The Elephant

Size:  830mm x 600mm
Medium: Oil on Canvas  

So the Big 5 are not called the Big 5 because of their size! The Big 5 are five of Africa's greatest wild animals – lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino.

The African elephant grows to 4 metre (15 feet) in height and can easily consume up to 200 kg or 440 lb of forage per day , drinking up to 190 litres of water.  Elephants have a keen sense of smell, but their hearing and eyesight is not so good.  Elephants mature at 20 years of age and can live as long as humans.

About Clive

I am a self taught South African Artist. I admire good art and my favorite subject is "YESTERYEAR." I enjoy the classics, the cars, trucks and old buildings which are fast disappearing and in my art I would like to restore these past images in your mind, a heritage for our children, something for you to hang in your home with fond memories.

Clive Ankiewicz 071 103 1676 505 Meade Gardens, Craddock Street, George.

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This is your typical farm scene, Windmill & Reservoir.
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Artist, art mentor, teacher, performer, wall art expert. A few years ago I left th...
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