Video production - one language

Let's produce your video at a really low price!

EXAMPLE:  R1980.00 - One language

With prices and the economy as it is in South Africa currently it's almost impossible to advertise. ‍ Until now, that is - and with WhatsApp (SA's favourite messenger) and other social media at your fingertips, Celshot messaging puts high quality product and service communication in your face. Literally. ‍ 

Connect with us, send your digital images and a summary of your business. You can Cel-Shot your video to potential customers you know are likely to respond.

Simple, quick & beautiful.
The videos are currently in English and Afrikaans.
High quality images keep the audience's attention while the soundtrack and professional voice-over powerfully communicates your business' strongest selling points.

We think that this is the most effective and convenient way of connecting with audience. But feel free to embed it anywhere.
The videos are tiny yet high quality.
Perfect for sending to hot leads, investors and potential clients.

Social Media
Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter... there are so many opportunities for you to be noticed! Increase your exposure with Cel-Shot and get more business through your door.

R2 500.00
R1 980.00
You save: R520.00

Your video to potential customers.

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Target your market. Communicate what your business is about in under 60 seconds v...
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