Blueberry Apron (Plus FREE Protein Flapjack Mix)

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This MATCHBOX SPECIAL consist of a beautiful Blueberry Apron and guilt free protein flapjack mix from Flourish Strength Foods.

Available in three absolutely delicious flavors:

  1. Cacao Chia Chip
  2. Cinnamon 
  3. The Classic

In this MatchBox Special you get a taste of all three.

New ways to enjoy scrumptious foods with some protein goodness!


We use the highest quality ingredients in our products.

Oats flour, grass fed whey protein, milled flaxseed, raising agents, cacao powder (Belgium mix only), chia seeds, cinnamon powder (cinnamon mix only), erythritol and stevia, sugar-free dark chocolate chips (Belgium mix only).


  • Dairy
  • Gluten

Address: MatchBox Handmade Designs, 71 Van Velden St, Brits, 0250, South Africa


Get all 3 delicious flavors in this box special:

- Cacao Chia Chip
- Cinnamon
- The Classic

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Once not so long ago (2013 to be precise), in a country not far from here (in fact, r...
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We deliver country wide.

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